Zash Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Social investing

1.1 The Zash platform provides you with the ability to interact and follow other traders, strategies and/or portfolios by using the information, as well as providing you with "social investing” features. Social investing features include detailed account information, trading histories, risk profiles, and other information in relation to Zash traders, strategies and/or portfolios that may be useful to you when deciding whether to copy such Zash trader, strategy and/or portfolio.

1.2 We do not provide personalised investment recommendations, investment advice, tax related advice or other financial related advice of any kind. Any explanation or information which we give to you is not intended to be, and should not be considered as advice. This information is provided by us solely for informational purposes.

1.3 You should use any information gathered from our website or social trading features as a starting point for your own independent research and investment decision making. However, you should not make investment decisions based on information provided on the Zash platform or Zash Community.

1.4      In making a decision to copy a specific trader or traders, strategy and/or portfolio, you should consider your financial situation, including your financial commitments. You should understand that copy trading is highly speculative and that you could sustain significant losses exceeding the amount used to copy a trader or traders as a result of the following:

(f) following/copying the trading decisions of inexperienced and/or unprofessional traders;

(g) following/copying traders whose ultimate purpose or intention, or financial status may differ from yours; and/or

(h) following and/or copying traders who trade products restricted as a result of Applicable Law in relation to your jurisdiction and where a replacement equivalent trade cannot be recommended this may result in the economic performance, portfolio composition, risk rating and other factors relating to your portfolio deviating from the portfolio of the copied trader.

1.5 We are unable to provide any guarantee as to the performance of any particular investment, account, portfolio or strategy.

1.6 Past performance, risk scores, statistics and any other information with respect to Zash traders of different portfolios and trading strategies are not reliable indicators of future performance. We do not represent or guarantee that you will achieve profits or losses similar to those shown on the Zash trader or portfolio that you are copying. We also do not represent or guarantee that the risk score of a trader will accurately reflect the risk of their future performances.

1.7 Please refer to clause 5 of the General Terms and Conditions for more information on the key risks of using our services.

2. Conflicts of interest

We are required to act in your best interest when providing our services. However, there may be instances where your interest conflicts with our interests, or with another client's interest. For example, with respect to copy trading, we may compensate popular Zash traders who you and/or others have elected to follow and/or copy.

3. Liability

Subject to Applicable Law, neither Zash nor any affiliates or associate third parties will be liable for any losses arising from:

(a) actions taken by us in order to carry out your written or spoken instructions;

(b) decisions or actions taken by an Zash trader that you have chosen to copy, including in connection with Portfolios; and/or

(c) specific investment decisions or actions taken or omitted in good faith by any copied account strategy or portfolio, including portfolios controlled by us.