Content Guidelines

Here at Zash we believe prevention is better than a cure, follow our guidelines to avoid objectionable content and potentially being removed from our platform for harming or damaging other users' experience.

Zash User Policy & Community Guidelines

Please realize that Zash is a diverse community and, while you may not necessarily agree with someone’s point of view, it may not be a violation of our Community Guidelines. That said, when you see a page/comment on Zash that you feel violates our community guidelines, please take the time to report them via our reporting tool within the Zash app.

A member of the Zash team will review the report and if our Community Guidelines have been violated, the case manager will contact the creator or member to let them know that they are outside these guidelines.

This is a commitment to Zash creators and members alike. We invest heavily in making these decisions as fair and transparent as possible. We always want creators and members to feel like they have an open line of communication. So how does this translate to moderation? Our first reflex is always to try to educate creators and members to help them understand how a rule has been broken and how to remedy the issue. In cases where the violation is particularly bad or intentional we may take further action such as suspending or removing their account. In the most extreme cases we may ban a creator or member from using Zash.

No matter what happens, we always give creators the opportunity to appeal a decision by contacting us and sending any relevant information they believe was not considered. We may not change our minds, but we will always listen

Be Safe and Respectful

These Community Guidelines exist to shape and guide Zash and the growing number of creators and communities using it. This is not about building an arbitrary framework of “right” or “wrong.” It’s about making Zash a place where diverse creators and their communities feel excited, supported, and happy to exist, while still allowing for different—and sometimes even conflicting—points of view.

These guidelines summarize a thorough, thoughtful, and living internal policy that we spent time thinking about and defining with guidance from community and safety experts. We’re proud of these guidelines because we believe they will help creators build a safe and supportive environment in which they can continue to create, share and build intimate and lasting relationships with their followers

Bullying, harassment, and threat

To summarize: We don’t allow bullying or harassment because we want Zash to feel like a safe place for our various communities. At the same time, we want people to be able to express themselves, and their views on topics.

However, we draw the line when it comes to harassing creators or other members, or taking any action that might affect people’s physical safety, regardless of whether these people are private or public figures.

As much as we want you to be able to express yourself, we want all of our users to have the right to express their opinion without feeling intimidated. Even the most difficult conversations should take place in the most respectful way. Here is how we define these behaviors.

Bullying and harassment:

You cannot attempt to intimidate anyone, either directly or by using your influence over others. We treat real-life interactions more seriously than online interactions when analyzing whether a line has been crossed because it can be more threatening and lead to physical violence.


Anyone on Zash should be able to express their opinion in a way that doesn’t threaten another person. In this respect, we take threats of violence very seriously. Any creator or patron threatening the well-being of an individual or group of people will be removed. This includes threatening behavior such as stalking or inciting others to commit violent acts.

If you are a victim of this behavior and feel that your personal safety is at risk, we suggest you contact your local law enforcement, in addition to reporting the behavior to us.

Hate speech

To summarize: Zash connects creators and members all over the world. We are a global platform built on promoting a trading community, which makes us a very inclusive group. Therefore, there is no room on Zash for comments or actions of hate speech, such as calling for violence, exclusion, or segregation. This includes serious attacks on people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or serious medical conditions.

When reviewing an account for a potential hate speech violation, we consider some of the following questions:

This list is not exhaustive, but we want to be transparent about how we work in the grey areas between speech and action. If you come across what you believe to be hate speech on Zash, please take the time to report it.